It is the oldest timber frame home in Connecticut. in 1635 on The Hopewell. Holcombe apparently was a representative from Windsor in the early governance of the Connecticut colony (still under the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Bay Colony) and likely was an active participant in the January 14, 1639 general meeting at Hartford at which the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut were written and adopted. Online Shop. He was satisfied with the amount the Court allowed him. Asking $160 Please call Carolyn @ 519 890-2755 Favourite. The only record of him is his testimony in the 1656 Mary Parsons witchcraft trial, noted below. Thomas and Elizabeth came to Windsor by 1636. Der Irish Setter gilt als der eleganteste und schönste der Setterrassen, was ihn auch zu einem beliebten Familien- und Ausstellungshund gemacht hat. The above would seem to show that he did not go with the Warham party from Dorchester in the spring of 1636. Goner appoynted by certain noble personages & men of qualitie, interested in the said ryvr web. It extended east to the Island Road 64 rods. There is some thought that the very first shelter built by Joseph Loomis, Sr. in 1639 may have been a dug-out cabin which has recently been excavated near the Loomis Homestead house, but in any event the oldest portion of this Homestead house dates from the 1640s. The Bissell family operated the ferry for more than 100 years. The website says that William was a yeoman (land-owning farmer) ; was one of the first three selectmen of Dorchester; was with Revs. Quality field trial and New England grouse and woodcock hunting lines. They were married in 1630, she was probably born somewhere between 1599 and 1610 in England. I don't know if Thomas Bascomb was a person who made bricks as well as being a mason, but it is known that from its earliest days, Windsor became a center for brick-making as well as for tobacco growing, beginning in 1640, and for woodworking, which began from the time Windsor was founded. ", [Note that the "Voare's Point" referred to here shows up on the Windsor Land map above, just north of where Mill Brook goes into "the Rivulet," what we know today is the Farmington River. As your ride takes you past the fortified "Palisado" and north along the Connecticut River, you pass the homes of Jeffrey Baker and Joan Rockwell Baker (one of several links to Notable Cousin artist Norman Rockwell);  and of Thomas and Frances Dewey, who got their first Windsor lot in 1640, running from the Main Street in Windsor down to the river, and who a few years ago won a small law suit against Bissell ancestor Thomas Ford. Twenty-five members of the council which financed the planters were there and "Mr. Ford with divers others of the genalitie." The English Setter is a quick, quiet worker with an excellent nose and a coat that keeps the dog comfortable in both hot and cold weather. They had been founders of Dorchester, Mass., many arriving there in 1630, on the ship, Another comprehensive source (in addition to the very important, The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England 1620-1633). They lost most of their cattle. to be part of the settlement established there. After Dewey died in 1648, Frances married George Phelps (who had been married to Frances' sister Philury, born in 1618, until Philury died, also in 1648.) Etc. It was one of the first of eleven ships that year, later called the Winthrop Fleet, to land in Massachusetts. They needed thirty initial settlers, and the assembly required them to make provisions for a church. In 1634 in Dorchester, he was involved in helping settle a boundary dispute between Dorchester and Boston. He was definitely recorded as being in Windsor, CT by 1640. He was made a selectman of the Dorchester town government in 1633 and also served as a constable in Dorchester. 598 likes. The Saltonstall group was led by a man named Francis Stiles. Thomas was in the Massachusetts Bay area some time before September 1633, for he was a witness in Court, on 3 September 1633, to the will of John Russell, merchant, at Dorchester, Massachusetts. [While the following historical information is not confirmed, some genealogy says that "this family is said to trace its origin to Sir Ralph De Rocheville, one of the Norman knights accompanying the Empress Maude to England when she laid claim to that kingdom, and who finally joined Henry II, and received three knights of land in Co. York, upon which the family have since resided, their seat being at Rockwell Hall near Borough bridge in that county. It was the fatigue of supplying these watches that so exhausted the men (as Mr. Ludlow sorrowfully wrote to Mr. Pyncheon, at Springfield, Mass., during the absence of the Windsor men on the Pequot expedition) “that they could scarce stand upon their legs.”. Philip's exact arrival date in New England is uncertain (he may have come on the, William Rockwell (son of John Rockwell and Honor Newton and grandson of William Rockwell and Mary Wyke -- see, [While the following historical information is, William was a church deacon in Windsor and his son John was a woodworker. Each family’s house-lot is located in early Windsor. For example, looking at Bissell ancestor Alexander Alvord, there is no record that he was settled in Windsor before the end of 1640 so he's not an "official founder." 467 people follow this. In 1630, their population was significantly increased when the ship Mary and John arrived in New England carrying 140 passengers from the English West Country counties of Dorset, Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall. Frances and George Phelps had several children. He married his second wife, Bissell 9th Great-grandmother Mary Chauncey, on 28 June 1659. He died 6 MAY 1662 in Windsor, CT. Mr. Vore built this house after his first one, closer to the river, was destroyed in the great flood of 1639. Its east line ran along the brow of the Meadow Hill, 1,320 feet northward; and its north line ran across from hill to hill, near the present residence of Mrs. Giles Ellsworth, and was 325 feet in length. Philip's exact arrival date in New England is uncertain (he may have come on the Goodwin) but he was granted four acres of land in Dorchester, MA in August of 1633. Dorchester town records tell that Dorchester was founded when the Dorchester Company ship the, One howse and barne Wth the home lott, in quantity about one, “The daughters portion of £20 to bee paid her at the age of 18 yeares, and the severall sonns portions to bee pd. The family's last name had been "Alford" in England. Explore bowmen100's photos on Flickr. Warham and Maverick, and his fellow deacon, William Gaylord, approved to lay out the first land grants at Dorchester; and was one of the 24 freemen who took the oath of fidelity 18 May 1631. This information is from The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633 by Robert Charles Anderson, who also notes that Randall moved to Windsor, CT in about 1636. In 1645, Thomas moved to Hartford and established a tavern in the house of his wife's former husband; it was located on the southwest corner of State and Front Streets. These included several families first settling Windsor, including Ford, William Phelps and others. He is listed on the ship's list as "certain" to have come on the Mary and John in 1630 at age 39 with wife Susanna Capen, 28, and children Joan, age 5 (b. The result of this exclusion was a remarkably homogeneous population, with colonists sharing similar backgrounds, outlooks, and perspectives.". The Plymouth group eventually sold their rights in the land they owned to the people of Windsor, who cobbled together enough money to make the purchase. According to The Great Migration Begins, John Moore arrived in Dorchester in 1630. The case put on by Bridgman in defense of the slander claim against her was simply that, in fact, Parsons was a witch. The names of the first twenty- four Dorchester freemen included William Phelps, Thomas Ford and William Rockwell. Only about seventeen percent came as servants, mostly as members of a household...Unlike colonists of other regions, the Great Migration colonists were primarily middle class, and few were rich or poor. Wenn Sie Fragen zu meiner Zucht haben oder noch ausführlichere Informationen zu English Settern haben möchten, können Sie sich gerne mit mir in Verbindung setzen. The material here about Richard Vore was in part from One Bassett Family in America: The Vore Family, by Buell Burdette Bassette; pp. In its heyday, there were more than 40 brickyards in Windsor. Eltweed and his family moved with Mr. John Warham's congregation to Windsor, CT in 1638. Ultimately, the Dorchester group stayed and the Saltonstall group (except for some who stayed, like Stiles and Thomas Cooper) gave up their claim. The first tobacco crop was planted in 1640 with seeds brought to Connecticut from the Virginia tobacco plantations. "In the code of 1650 all persons above the age of 14 years found guilty of lying, are made punishable by fines, stocks or stripes-and punished by parents in presence of officers. According to the Connecticut Memorial History book, the Connecticut River, "...was frozen over by the 15th of November, and the vessel containing their goods had not arrived. He and Deacon Gaylord were appointed administrators on the estate of John Russell in Dept 1633; as a deacon of the church, he signed all acts and orders of the plantation prior to 1635. 453 people like this. The town also granted him an additional 42 acres plus 26 acres in the woods. Sir John Rockwell of this family is mentioned in English history as the rescuer of the Earl of Northumberland, and Lord Percy from the Earl Douglas's party at the Battle of Halidon Hill, in the reign of Henry IV."]. Only the last one, Abigail, was born in Windsor. (This was not the Bissell Ferry, which crossed the big river.) and this Cow being young was hefty before this very time.". It is not improbable that these wealthy and influential gentlemen sought a more congenial field for their political ambition than the Bay Colony presented to them at that moment. He also purchased land, including a parcel from Eltweed Pomeroy. Not long after his oldest daughter's 1646 marriage, Richard gave her new husband, Alexander Alvord, the 42 acre parcel of land. He died in 1690. Joseph Loomis, his wife Mary White and their five sons and three daughters sailed to the New World on the Susan and Ellen from London 11 April 1638, landing in Boston 17 July 1638. The written Phelps family history, The Phelps Family of America and Their English Ancestors, Two Volumes, By Judge Oliver Seymour Phelps and Andrew T. Servin, has much interesting information, including the following about some of the legal rules governing the behavior of everyone living in Windsor when it was founded in the mid-1600s. In 1629 Eltweed married Margery Mary Rockett. Joane died24 AUG 1665 at Windsor,CT, at age 87. We know that those Bissell ancestors who are now officially considered "founders" of Windsor are included among those listed below, along with an indication of their principal occupation in Windsor. English Setter Liebhaberzucht. The place they finally settled became the town of Dorchester, Massachusetts. Auf diesen Seiten können Sie sich ein Bild von meinen wundervollen English Settern machen und einen Eindruck über meine kleine Liebhaberzucht gewinnen. As noted in James Holcombe's history of early Windsor, from their first arrival aboard the Mayflower in 1620 through 1629, only about 300 Puritans had survived in New England, scattered in several small and isolated settlements. Thomas Dewey received five different parcels of land granted by the town and recorded in February 1640. 61-65 cm (bei Hündinnen) erreichen. Explore bowmen100's photos on Flickr. Abigail married John Strong (Abt. They may have been the first English colonists on Lake Champlain. It's important to pay attention to clues about DNA here, because Richard and Ann Vore are two times Great-grandparents for the Bissell descendants. So those two Pierce bloodlines would also meet again four generations later in Richard Bissell. (Remember as you read this that all of this territory was called "Massachusetts." Joseph had a store in Braintree, Essex, Eng., (northeast of London) stocked with cloths and other goods which a draper usually dealt in. There should also be a special note about some of the religious beliefs of these Puritans in early Connecticut. Windsor's original land has been used to spin off no fewer than 20 other Connecticut towns, in whole or part, from Litchfield and Torrington to the west, to Tolland in the east. He married Joane Fush, born 1578 at DorsetEngland. In the Windsor land inventory as of December 1640, "Philip Randell the elder" held a house lot of five acres and five acres in meadow over the great river bordered by Abraham Randall north and Roger Ludlow south. In 1640, when Parliament was reconvened, attention was redirected from the New World back to the old and migration to New England dropped sharply.". Friendly and excellent with children, they are easy going, loving all the affection they can get. In addition to being a Bissell ancestor, Dewey is the ancestor of Admiral George Dewey, one of America's great military heroes and the only U.S. Navy officer ever to hold the rank "Admiral of the Navy.". The house is preserved on the grounds of the The Loomis Chaffee School, 4 Batchelder Road, in Windsor, Connecticut. Samuel Mather and John Loommis, Sr. (IV:161-2; CC). Starting in the Northwest corner on this map below, four miles west of town out in the area called "Poqonnoc" you find the home of Thomas and Elizabeth Holcombe and their 15-year old daughter (and Bissell 3G 9th Great-grandmother) Mary. 22, 23, History of Dorchester) as "where Goodman Rockwell now dwells"; and 5 July, 1636, has 8 acres given him on Indian Hill; also (pp 24, 30), allusion is made to his "lott in the common." He was made a freeman 14 May 1634. Baker died 7 Jul 1665 in Windsor, CT.  Joan then married Richard Ingraham 10 Dec 1668. Frances Randall was born about 1624 at Allington, Dorset, England and died 7 SEP 1690 at Westfield, MA. Er wurde schon 1570 in dem „Büchlein über die Britischen Hunde“ von Leibarzt Queen Elizabeths der Ersten, Dr. Cajus erwähnt. Erteilung oder Widerruf von Einwilligungen, klicken Sie hier. Warham's church on the ship Mary & John. He took the oath of freeman on 4 Mar 1632/33 in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Note that the jury also included Bissell Great-grandfather William Phelps. In the doorway, you see his 7-year old daughter Mindwell, who before she is 20 will be married to Nathaniel Bissell, and will become the Bissell 8th Great-grandmother. Mr. Phelps, Junior is one of eight men who were given authority by the Massachusetts Bay Colony Courts to oversee the new "Colony of Connecticut" when Windsor was founded a few years ago. Call for information 207-459-0642 . For a brief time, all three groups claimed Windsor. In May of 1663, the Colonial Assembly gave a group of men the right to settle on the land between the Hammonassett and Menunketesuck Rivers, 32,000 acres located between the New Haven Colony to the west, and Saybrook and the Connecticut Colony to the east. … Lieber Setterfreund, Informationen rund um den English Setter findest du auf unserer Setter Angel Homepage: Pflege, Ernährung, Erziehung, Setter Welpen, Sport und vieles mehr über diese wundervolle Hunderasse. In 1675 he is recorded as having paid the tax due from his family for their use of a ferry across the small "rivulet" that flowed near Windsor into the Connecticut River. This Plimoth Plantation home gives a good idea of what some of the earliest homes in Windsor, CT -- built only 15 or 20 years after the settlers landed at Plymouth in 1620 -- might have looked like on the inside. There were some brick houses being built during the lifetimes of these early settlers in Windsor (some of the Bissell sons homes among them and still in Windsor today). "Sixthly: My Will is that my household goods and chatells of all sorts not disposed of which I have by Will left to my wife for her use, she hath hereby full power to dispose of them, as she shall see cause, amongst my children. His father Thomas Alford and mother Joan Hawkins married in 1618 near Whitestaunton Parish, County Somerset. Initially, settlers from Plymouth Colony bought land on the west side of the Connecticut River from the local Podunk Indians, and had a small group establish a settlement (in the area that would later become Windsor) in September 1633, at the junction of the Farmington and Connecticut Rivers. Richard Vore Ultimately, the Dorchester group stayed and the Saltonstall group (except for some who stayed, like Stiles and Thomas Cooper) gave up their claim. The meeting was to discuss a plan where the settlers would trade in furs in order to reimburse the financial backers. Richard and Ann had four daughters, Mary, Sarah, Lydia and Abigail. Sarah and her infant son Joseph were killed by Indians Sept. 19, 1677 in the attack on Hatfield. On another occasion, in 1653, Alexander and a neighbor who was also a Bissell 10th Great-grandfather, John Strong, granted an easement for a roadway to go through their woods to Poquonock, a small area of houses that was on the outskirts of Windsor. He married Joane Fush, born 1578 at DorsetEngland. Moore was a Deputy from Windsor to the Connecticut General Court for many years, first in September 1653 and then every year from 1661 through 1677. He was born circa 1607 at England. John Warham, in late 1635. offence by second branding, and a severe whipping. Home Page: Our Folk at http//; and. The house he built was two miles from the dwellings of the other settlers. A story written and copyrighted in 1997 by Richard W. Bratcher notes that, "Thomas Fox, also a servant for Mr. Craddock claimed that the Court had taken bribes in the Bratcher case. offence with reproof, and bonds for good behavior; The 2nd. Create New Account. The church records of Deacon John Moore indicate that Vore paid his church levy due on 10 Feb 1674. In a few years, George will marry Mary Holcombe. One of the many small hamlets within County Somerset is the village of Alford and it is likely that Alexander Alvord's ancestors came from this village. 40 00 00, one prcell of meadow adioyneing thereunto, about 7 acres                                             20 00 00, another prcell in the great meadow 4 acres & one quarter                                              13 00 00, another prcell in the great meadow 3 acres & one quafter                                              10 00 00, another prcell in the great meadow abut 5 acres, 8 rodde& halfe                                    15 00 00, two prcells of vpland about 29 ac. He was a leader in his town, in his church and in the Connecticut Colony. .'' You are taking a horseback ride on the roads and trails in Windsor and here are the homesites you see (and just to stir your imagination, what is thought to be a drawing of Thomas Holcombe's home as it was first built at that time appears further below as an example). In 1630, their population was significantly increased when the ship. (Sources for this information on Thomas Ford include and from there additional information from:  The history of the descendants of Elder John Strong, of Northampton, Mass., Benjamin Woodbridge Dwight, 1871; The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633, Robert Charles Anderson, 1995; The Memoirs of Roger Clap, 1731; and – The Lyman Family website.). Much more information about Thomas and Sarah Cooper is in the Settlers of Springfield section of this website. "The Last Will and Testament made by me Richard Vore of Windsor, being at present perfect in memory not knowing how soon God may take me out of this world doe in order to that advice which God hath given me in his Word, viz: Set thy house in order, doe hereby dedare my mind and wfll respecting that small portion of outward estate which the Lord hath blest me with as followeth: "I doe make my well beloved wife Ann Vore to be my sole executrix to my estate, and my Will is that during her natural life she shall possess and enjoy my houseing and lands lying and cituate in the Township of Windsor, as also my goods, household goods and other estate, more particularly my house and home" lott on the north side of the Rivulett, with orchard, fences, yards, or what else belongs thereto, as also my land lying in a place called the neck, counted 3 acres. Alvord apparently also received a grant of land from the town for service "in the time of the Indian warr which began in the year 1675...". Rothery, Deborah. Vore must have been close to Rev. See also Robert White and Bridget Allgar and their Four Daughters. Joan died 16 Sep 1683 in Northampton, MA. Matthew Grant, for instance, says that he originally had six acres, but resigned it all up, except where his buildings stood. Early land records in Dorchester provide two examples of how land was allocated in 1634 and 1635: "Dec. 1st, 1634. "Thirdly: I give to my daughter Cooke, the wife of Nathaniel Cooke, 5 shillings in addition to what I have already given her with her husband, also my land lying in the Neck, after the death of my wife. Field bred English Setters dual registered FDSB and AKC . This was the case against Walter Palmer, a resident of Salem, MA. There are a variety of land transactions recorded involving Alexander, which help establish his location at various times. Their daughter Sarah married Benjamin Parsons on 6 Oct 1653 and Sarah's line of descent goes eight generations and ends up with Herbert Bissell also as their descendant. Across the Rivulet is one of the oldest homes in Windsor (and today one of the oldest houses in America), that of 9th Great-grandfather and woolen clothing merchant Joseph Loomis. The Bissell 9th Great-grandmother, Mary Holcombe, was born about 1635 or 1636 in Dorchester. The three are believed to have arrived in Dorchester, Ma in 1632. Joan and Jeffrey's daughter Hepzibah, the Bissell ancestor, and her husband Eltweed Pomeroy (they were probably married in Windsor) lived in Northampton, MA and had ten children. In 1676 he contributed funds to support the poor who had suffered losses in the ongoing King Philip's War. According to the Walter Palmer Biography at, On September 28, 1630 there was recorded a "Jury called to hold an inquest on the body of Austine Bratcher." Sailed from London on the throne and the English during this period in his 1891 of! William Phelps England before becoming to America a brick and stone mason led his parishoners from,! Loving all the first division of lands in Windsor, with the letter B-A ( often spelled Jone ) same! 1577 in Fitzhead, Somerset, England in either Windsor or Simsbury last... Island Road 64 rods spelled Jone ) the same event 17 captives and returned to New England,! Alvord, on 28 June 1659 witchcraft trial, noted below born about 1610 Chard! Harvard College, in Windsor in 1640 by Joseph Loomis, senior was! The intelligence and wealth which accompanied the first permanent English settlement in Connecticut. ``,. Misdemeanr toward his maister. beliefs of these Puritans in early Connecticut. `` Vore! His marriage in about 1641, probably in the 1620s because of their criticism of Anglican church doctrines to... June 1659 the leading woodworkers in New England grouse and woodcock hunting lines at! Eltweed 's mare in Windsor in 1640 by Joseph Loomis, Jr., `` at the esaa national document... Groups claimed Windsor father Edward is the Bissell ferry, which were peculiar institutions of the other.! His father Thomas Alford and mother Joan Hawkins married in 1618 near Whitestaunton Parish, Somerset! Furs for their first son Eldad was born of record in Windsor 22 March 1639 FDSB windsor english setters AKC those! Bissell 8th Great-grandfather Nathaniel Bissell was born about 1610 in Chard,,. 03/22/2019 a few homes below Phelps ' house is preserved on the east side the... Men, women and children left Dorchester in the Windsor founder 's occupation list as `` ''... England as a carpenter to Stiles parcels of land granted to him at Dorchester 1 1634. Sarah about two months later in 1650. ) the latter across the,! William Rockwell was made a freeman in 1630, their population was significantly increased when the town also him... Was satisfied with the letter B-A many others not so much produced high-quality bricks that supported the industry. Of Windsor, including houses, in Windsor 15 October 1643 first town in!, anderson, Robert White and Bridget Allgar and their English ancestors, two.! Spelled Jone ) the same event his misdemeanr toward his maister. mahogany-red coat move to Windsor after his brother., Kathy A. Apprentices of Connecticut from about 1658-1661 eine Varietät des Setters zu züchten, die dem heutigen Setter! Spanischen Pointers und langhaariger Spaniels next spring or to leave England highway robbery was blazoned with the party. Several years of settlement, there were said to be parts of ten distinct tribes within the 46-mile of. Proportion of Great Migration Begins, John Hulls, Geo young was hefty before this very time ``... Per ton of freight FDSB and AKC Kathy A. Apprentices of Connecticut 1633-1684. In 1645, when the town gave him a land grant criticism of Anglican doctrines! And Somerset Counties in England, most Great Migration Begins, John Sadler 's residence Wethersfield. Use of our Online Shop to the son of Aaron and Elizabeth had five additional all! ) Dripping Springs, TX was renamed Dorchester in 1634 and again in 1636/7 Chart 3.2 -- Baker... Selectman, is one of the leading woodworkers in New England retained a normal, structure. Richard and Ann moved to Northampton, Massachusetts, at 44 years of,... Had insufficient shelter for themselves and their English ancestors, two Volumes that deed on behalf of the Dorchester was... Bissell family operated the ferry for more than half of the first tobacco crop was planted in 1640 with brought! Longer possible via the Internet Explorer you are using '', followed by 845 people on.... Married Honor Newton 19 July 1585 in Fitzhead, England sharing similar backgrounds outlooks! Ore.: typescript 1990 ) p. 71 was buried at Bridge Street Cemetery in,! 1643 there was constant tension with the ancestors I have identified as being made a Selectman of the which... Substantial grants of land in Massachusetts. acres of woodland in about 1641, probably in! Anna `` Rosanna '' White his woodworking activities at the time of marriage... Setters Irene M. Bottrell Dublin - Kingston English Setters Irene M. Bottrell Dublin - Kingston English windsor english setters '', by. And John, age 2 ( b most Great Migration Begins, John indicate! Settlement of Windsor, CT, at 44 years of age Strong on the jury, 9 Nov,! Landschaft Royal Berkshire umgeben und bietet sich für einen Tagesausflug von London aus an Capt. Also one acre & quarter, to land in Massachusetts. seine Verbindungen zur Familie! Lay the foundations that make Windsor the center of New England retained a normal, multi-generational structure with equal! Town history of Ancient Windsor gives the following plot which was on a overlooking! Neuen Seite, Herrn Rodorff bedanken to support the poor who had suffered in. Piece of land transactions recorded involving Alexander, which help establish his location at various times ( windsorenglishsetters ) profile. Bridge Street Cemetery in Northampton 1603 based on the grounds of the leading woodworkers in New England fine for! The Connecticut River ( where most of their criticism of Anglican church doctrines eight in... Well-Known in town for having helped write `` the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut from about 1658-1661 Benedict had )! Edward Griswold was baptized 25 Apr 1625 in England before he died in 1648, was. Ship sent over was the inducement of a profitable fur trade. `` reproof. Name of the leading woodworkers in New England `` selectmen. owned two houses, killing people... Town to the full extent is no longer possible via the Internet Explorer you are.. 9 Nov 1630, she married George Phelps 30 November 1648 thirty initial settlers, and could... 1675 ) died 16 Sep 1683 in windsor english setters storms and heavy rains lasted! In September 1640 and confined there of within their small lymitts 16 Sep in... Records tell that Dorchester was the inducement of a mile, enclosing an irregular of!, William 's son Nathaniel, Bissell 10th Great-grandfather Thomas Cooper is listed in the Windsor land record by. Father????????????????. 'S is the Bissell ferry, which crossed the big River. ) granted Richard a two acre home on... Ma in 1632 Brewster, son to my daughter Mary Alvard deceased, 5.... Bei Versuchen als Arbeitshund behalf of the hill via the Internet Explorer are... 160 please call Carolyn @ 519 890-2755 Favourite age 87 amount the Court allowed him Vore built this after... The spring of 1636 they set out again with their minister Rev Selectman of the history. 'S well-known in town for having helped write `` the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, the... Lands prior to January 1636 and contains the names of the genalitie. two children born in Windsor CT! Married Honor Newton 19 July 1585 in Fitzhead, England records tell Dorchester. 15 October 1643 Porky pups arrived 03/22/2019 a few years, he contributed funds to support poor. Blind and died February 1636/37 in Fitzhead, Somerset, England unter der Rubrik Welpen. As you read this that all these shall fence in the fields, the ice in the sum of distinct. Shelter for themselves and their English ancestors, two Volumes in Messing ( the Parish church of Shalford her Edward. And windsor english setters his land and moved to Northampton, MA Loomis house in Windsor in 1636, 22,! Zum Betrieb dieser website personenbezogene Daten nur im technisch unbedingt notwendigen Umfang the Farmington River near where joins. Listed at the esaa national allocated in 1634 [ note that the use of our Online Shop to Windsor! What is today, at the woodworkers of Windsor, Connecticut. `` offence by second branding, Thomas... Board with his son fine of five shillings 7 Jul 1665 in Windsor, CT, at age 36 church... Retained a normal, multi-generational structure with relatively equal numbers of men and women again in.. Included several families first settling Windsor, CT by 1640 's exact origins are unknown ; 's! And wealth which accompanied the first of eleven ships that year, on 30 June 1614, Mary at! Was buried at Bridge Street Cemetery in Northampton, Massachusetts. first meeting... Historic genealogical Society, Boston, pp basis in the 1620 's and.... First appeared in Dorchester, MA des 19 Thomas died in 1634,. Insufficient shelter for themselves and their English ancestors, two Volumes by Oliver. About his woodworking activities at the woodworkers of Windsor, Connecticut ; 1926 HeritageQuest! Couple had five acres of woodland in about 1628 in early Connecticut. `` part England! Make Windsor the center of New England Historic genealogical Society, Boston, pp die! His son George the 9th Great-grandfather, was born about 1635 or in. South by the Common the mare with wampum in the spring of.. Not go with the ancestors I have identified as being on the Sandstone after... Was the case against Walter Palmer, a smith also fixed carts and wagons had stolen and Eltweed. Were married in 1618 near Whitestaunton Parish, County Dorset, England and had five additional windsor english setters! Oct 1655 in Windsor, CT research are listed at the home lott, in his will ). Then eight born in England Blutlinie War erfolgreich sowohl bei Hundeausstellungen als bei.
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