DO NOT DISTRIBUTE. That means if you applied to 20 schools, you will be filling out 20 separate secondary applications. It is rare that secondary essay prompts for two school are identical and recycling essays can lead to submitting an essay that doesn’t answer a prompt well. Since dominating the MCAT, everything has gone smoothly in your medical admissions journey: You’ve crafted a masterful personal statement, chosen your favorite 15 activities, meticulously entered every class you’ve ever taken, and finally hit the “submit” button on your AMCAS application. Want help with your secondary essays? We’ve worked with more than 5,000 students and 94% have been admitted to medical school. Submit the School’s Secondary Application Deadline: November 1, 2020. Describe a time or situation where you were not the leader or could not be. “Every school is going to require letters of recommendation, but other essay prompts—such as the … Do your research carefully and know what it is that interests you most about that medical school. This page will be continuously and regularly updated with updates to the medical school application, whether AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS, and associated allopathic and osteopathic medical schools. Most of them say something like "all applications," or sometimes "selected applicants." Unlike the AMCAS application, secondary applications are specific to each school and focus on their specific values and interest. Some medical school secondary applications will have shorter questions that typically involve listing medical school prerequisite courses or activities or simple “yes” or “no” responses to questions. See articles and resources that will help you navigate toward a career in medicine. as the most complicated, demanding, and expensive. • Interviews are conducted at medical schools to help determine candidates’ knowledge, maturity, preparation and aptitude for individual programs. This is the equivalent of showing up to a party uninvited. Don’t feel you must “fill the space” for the sake of doing so. It is time for medical school secondary applications. Admissions committee members will be able to distinguish an essay that was written for his or her medical school versus one that was recycled! Medical School Admissions: Secondary Applications. TMDSAS (for Texas Medical Schools) 3. We also provide individualized guidance, interview preparation, professional editing, and career advising for premed students and applicants to medical school, residency, fellowship and post graduate programs. We asked three prehealth advisors to offer their best advice for applicants on how to approach your secondary applications. Completion of the secondary application is required by the following medical schools before the TMDSAS application is considered: Dell Medical School. At that time, you will begin to receive requests directly from schools to complete secondary applications. Most secondary applications also require students to compose additional essays. ... April 30 is the last day an admitted student can simultaneously hold a place at the school and another medical school. After you submit your primary applications, medical schools will ask you to submit secondary applications (most automatically) the majority of which require you to write secondary essays of varying lengths. Most schools automatically send you an application, but some schools screen applicants pre-secondary. So, what are the components of a secondary application? At that time, you will begin to receive requests directly from schools to complete secondary applications. While leadership is an important aspect of becoming a health care provider, so is teamwork. Go to to submit the secondaries you’ve received. Aspiring medical students can spend thousands of dollars just applying to medical schools. These questions are assessing your fit for the medical school. While there are some medical schools that screen primary applications and selectively send secondaries to applicants who meet certain MCAT and GPA thresholds, the majority of medical schools send out secondary applications automatically to all applicants. One experience may help me cultivate teamwork skills, allow me to practice leadership, help me better understand how to create a meaningful patient-caregiver relationship, learn to advocate for those in my care, and problem-solve issues of access and limited resources. In writing about it, I can help schools understand how I fit with what the medical school values by emphasizing the aspects of my experience that best illustrate how my values, passions, and goals overlap with those of each individual school. More general questions, as with discussing a challenge I have faced, are even easier to tailor. I face challenges constantly, so I can easily pick whichever one best helps me communicate my perspective. 655 K Street, NW, Suite 100, Washington, DC, 20001-2399, Secondary applications are specific to each school and focus on their specific values and interests. Candidates will receive an email invitation from the medical school to complete the secondary after an initial review of their TMDSAS application. Caribbean and International Student Packages, University of Florida Medical Honors Program (MHP), Tufts University Traditional MD Early Assurance Program, Early Assurance to Albany Medical College MD Program, FlexMed Early Admission Ichan School of Medicine, SUNY Upstate Early Assurance Program (EAP) for College Sophomores, The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine’s Guaranteed Admit Program (GA), Post Bacc & Special Masters Program Consulting, Premedical Post Baccalaureate or Special Masters Program Packages, Allopathic (MD) Medical School Admissions Success, Osteopathic (DO) Medical School Admissions Success, Premedical and Medical School Admissions Articles, Medical School Application Articles and Resources, Residency Personal Statement and Residency Match Articles, How To Write The Residency Letter of Intent (2020-2021), AMCAS Work & Activities Section 2020-2021 (With Examples): The Ultimate Guide, Medical School Admissions Consulting Lessons Learned 2020-2021, How To Master The Medical School Personal Statement. Need Help With Your Secondary Application? Each medical school will require two applications: primary application and secondary application. The prompts and lengths for these essays varies from medical school to medical school. Medical school secondary application fees vary from $80-$120 per medical school. • Secondary applications which normally ask for an additional fee and additional written material. A: Medical school secondaries arrive soon after medical schools receive your primary application. Once you’ve sent in your medical school primary application, you’ll probably be very sleep-deprived and need a break ASAP. Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt Secondary Essay Prompts (If you have updated prompts, please submit them at These prompts are from the 2020 Application Cycle. AACOMAS (for DO admissions 2. Also, make sure that your mailbox does not reach its capacity limit, which causes email messages to bounce back. From the student vantage point, the American Medical College Application Service sets a deadline for students to narrow their acceptances down to a single medical school by the end of April. Medical School Admission Requirements Secondary Application Data 2015-2016 Association of This document and its contents are the intellectual property of the AAMC and are American Medical Colleges intended solely for your use as an individual subscriber. * TMDSAS PIN o Please provide your TMDSAS PIN (or AMCAS ID if you are an MD/PhD applicant). Mariella Mecozzi, Senior Assistant Director of Pre-Professional Services, University of Michigan: Alex Tan, Director of the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program at Johns Hopkins University: Because your primary application sends the same message to every school, it is inherently limited in its capacity to act as your envoy. In contrast, your secondary essays afford you the opportunity to send a tailored, unique ambassador to each and every school. Yes, this is more work. Yes, schools often ask deceptively similar questions. Nonetheless, you must resist the urge to take that similarity as an invitation to send the same answer. If you send your primary application in the beginning of June and it gets verified within a couple of weeks, then you can expect us to receive secondaries very soon after AMCAS releases your primary application to medical school. I am not suggesting that your answers should be completely different, but, while the meat of your answers remain the same, you should emphasize different details about the experience or give different examples entirely. For example, there are lots of things I like about my favorite book, and I could be completely honest while taking different approaches to talking about that book so that I am answering the questions AND actively engaging my companion in a meaningful way. Most medical schools have adjusted their applications, deadlines, and schedules in response to COVID-19 and world events. For the 2020 application cycle, schools with rolling admissions have filled most of their spots. Why send different answers to the same question? Imagine you go on a series of first dates. Be careful about “recycling” a secondary essay from one medical school to use for another medical school. I have mixed opinions on the notion of automatically sending a secondary without screening an application.  Some applicants find links and questions listed on online forums and submit secondaries early in an unwise attempt to push their application forward. It really varies from medical school to medical school. If you are applying to MD schools, you will need to file your primary with American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). The AAMC serves and leads the academic medicine community to improve the health of all. Secondary Application Instructions * The Secondary Application should be filled out online through Merlin, the Online Admissions Application Wizard for TTUHSC. To help get you started, we asked three prehealth advisors for their best advice on how to approach secondary applications. If you’re set on MD cause you want to go to a super competitive specialty or academic/research med go for it! Therefore, secondary applications are focused on what is important to each individual medical school. Its members are all 155 accredited U.S. and 17 accredited Canadian medical schools; more than 400 teaching hospitals and health systems, including Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers; and more than 70 academic societies. Assuming you have composed a comprehensive primary application, when writing secondary essays you will write about some topics you have already discussed. Getting into a medical school has never been more competitive. We discourage using secondary essay templates for the same reason. The secondary application is the second phase of the medical school application process. We’d love your help in keeping this list updated. The vast majority of AMCAS, TMDSAS and AACOMAS medical schools send secondary applications. Celeste Crowe, Director, Health Professions Advising Office at Appalachian State University: Before you apply, it is helpful to discuss or outline with your prehealth advisor the ways that you have developed skills and knowledge based upon the AAMC core competencies. Medical School Secondary Essay Prompts Database Updating for 2020-2021 as Secondaries Come in! Applying to medical school is a daunting task. Medical school secondary applications often asks applicants to describe a challenge, adversity or hardship. Secondary essays are sent out after a medical school receives your primary application. In the American Medical College Application Service all the participating medical schools require a secondary application. The AMCAS application typically opens during the first week of May each year for the following year’s medical school class. (Older essays, if available are below) Prompts Use this area to justify and/or explain any academic hardships on your transcripts (any failed and/or repeated courses due to any reason) 1600 characters. If you are applying to DO schools, you will need to file your application with American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM). Answer “why our medical school” questions thoughtfully and be as specific as possible. ProspectiveDoctor has compiled a database of past and current medical school secondary essay prompts from past years to help you get a head start on your secondary applications. Optional essays are truly optional! This is perfectly okay! Stay on top of all your correspondence, both mail and email.Â. Once you submit your AMCAS application and it has been processed and verified, the AAMC will send your application to your selected medical schools on your behalf. Schedule a Free 15 Minute Consultation with a MedEdits expert. See upcoming events, webinars, deadlines, and MCAT test dates. The topics will give you clues to the culture of the medical school. This allows sufficient time to apply to other medical schools if not accepted to the University of Utah School of Medicine. Focus on New Material. Prompts reflect what is most important to each medical school when selecting applicants. What was your role within the team? The exact nature of the question may vary from school to school… Secondary Costs. For example, one medical school might require four shorter essays of 50 words each while another might ask for three 1000 word essays. Be sure to send in your secondary essays for your target medical schools first! You can write about the curriculum, scholarly opportunities, clinical sites and rotations, location, or overall school mission. Many schools will look for evidence of these competencies, so it’s important to incorporate them in your secondary essay responses. 1. Unquestionably, this is more time-consuming than recycling your answers, but I’ve never heard a student who was unsuccessful report their gratefulness for saving all that time nor have I heard a successful one regret the time they dedicated to their success.Â. So it’s not surprising there are many questions about how to approach these supplemental essays. Write about a difficult or challenging experience. Students often use secondary essays to “squeeze in” additional information they think is relevant and haven’t mentioned elsewhere in the application. But, you’ll have to wait a few more months for that nap, because the medical school application grind is far from over. Here are examples of prompts we give to applicants to help them as they prepare for their secondary application: To highlight the competency of Teamwork:Â, To highlight the competency of Cultural Competence. AMCAS (for MD admissions) 2. Under Secondary Application, you will notice a question: Who is sent a secondary application? However, this approach often results in an essay that is off-target. This will be used to automatically link your primary (TMDSAS, AMCAS) and secondary applications. MedEdits helps students get admitted to medical school and residency programs. The medical school admissions process stands alone among the graduate school options (business, law, PhD, etc.) MedEdits assists with all aspects of the medical school admissions process. A completed primary application includes: 1. your transcripts (undergraduate transcripts plus any for … Unlike the AMCAS application, secondary applications are specific to each school and focus on their specific values and interest. Based on the composite of the primary and secondary, applicants will be offered an interview date anywhere from the fall to the following spring. Therefore, it can almost be viewed as a source of revenue for schools who automatically send out the secondary regardless of an applicant's credentials. For AMCAS schools, the earliest you may receive a secondary application is the last week of June. Eligible candidates will receive an email invitation from our school with the link and instructions to complete our secondary application after we have received their complete application from TMDSAS. Here are some common secondary essay prompt topics: It may seem obvious, but one of the biggest pieces of advice when writing secondary essays is to be sure to read the essay prompt carefully and answer what is being asked. The longer the allowed limit, the more information the medical school wants from you! September 5, 2019 / in MCAT / by erinnelson. How will you contribute to the diversity of our medical school? Honestly, if you thought the primary application was difficult, wait till you tackle these beasts. For TMDSAS and AACOMAS schools, you may receive secondary applications in mid-May or early June. Describe an experience or time interacting with people who are different from you or adhere to a different set of cultural norms. Secondary applications are school-specific and serve as a “follow-up” application to your primary application. Medical school applicants often wonder whether they should update schools with new information after submitting their application. MedEdits Medical Admissions is a resource for the latest news, commentary and discussion on topics related to medical education. Your dates ask you similar questions. Would you answer each with a memorized answer you recite on cue? No, not if you want a second date. We advise sending in secondary application within three weeks of receipt. Before you apply, it is helpful to discuss or outline with your prehealth advisor the ways that you have developed skills and knowledge based upon the. There is no question that secondary applicants are expensive! As you research each school to apply to, begin to make notes about … The vast majority of AMCAS, TMDSAS and AACOMAS medical schools send secondary applications. If you are willing to put in a little effort, secondaries are a great time to … Wait until you’re formally asked to submit your secondary application before you do so. Use the secondary essay word limit as a general guide for how much information you should provide. Medical School Secondary Application Essay Library This library will be updated with new prompts for the 2020-2021 cycle as soon as schools release them. Sign up for a free 15 minute consultation. The Med school admissions process is a shit show and completely non-transparent. Top Ranked Article: Residency Match 2020 – 2021 Letter of Intent... How To Write The AMCAS Work & Activities Section (With Examples). Sign up for free 15 minute consultation today! Since AMCAS submission doesn’t open until the first week of June, you’ll have about a month to begin working on your application before you can submit it. The one thing all medical school secondary applications require is an additional fee to apply (see below). The following are readily available and should be filled out as soon as the TMDSAS has been submitted. Once you submit your AMCAS application and it has been processed and verified, the AAMC will send your application to your selected medical schools on your behalf. What are some basic guidelines to follow when writing your secondary essays? Our consultants have years of experience serving on medical school admissions committees, and as faculty members at the top medical schools in the country. The secondary application essay(s) is an additional round in the medical school application process. What did you learn from that experience? A medical school that requests an essay with a 1000 word limit is asking you to write in detail about whatever is being asked. A TTUHSC School of Medicine Secondary Application is required of all applicants. Medical schools tend to send email messages to applicants in large batches, which may be interpreted by servers' email filters as spam. Discounting the time required to fulfill the pre-med course requirements, the medical school admissions process generally takes 14-17 months including sitting the Medical … Not sure what to write? Unless you are requested not to repeat any topics already covered in your application, don’t be afraid of writing about topics covered elsewhere. Early Decision is an application process recommended to outstanding applicants that notifies them of decision by October 1, 2019. , Contributor Feb. 18, 2016 If you are applying to both types … Medical schools all of a sudden inundate you with applications all at one time. First, you'll submit a single application, usually through one of three centralized online application services: 1. If you have had limited opportunity to experience different cultures or work/serve with diverse populations, discuss how you plan to develop skills and experiences to become a culturally competent health care provider.Â, AMCAS immediately notifies the schools designated by an applicant about that individual's intention to apply there. A: After your designated medical schools receive your primary application, each school will send you a secondary application. Many medical schools send secondaries automatically to all applicants;Â. Since medical schools will review applications on a rolling basis, the earlier your secondary application is sent in the earlier your application will be reviewed. Here is a timeline aspiring DO students should follow to stay on track during the application. What did you learn about yourself from that experience? These types of secondary applications require the least amount of time to complete. In contrast, essays with shorter limits, such as 50 – 100 words, are asking for brevity. In Texas, however, it’s different. Let the experts at MedEdits help you with your medical school application materials. Medical School Secondaries Timeline. While there are some medical schools that screen primary applications and selectively send secondaries to applicants who meet certain MCAT and GPA thresholds, the majority of medical schools send out secondary applications automatically to all applicants. All eligible applicants will be invited to submit a Secondary Application via email. Get important information, resources, and tips to help you on your path to medical school—delivered right to your inbox each month. Read the secondary essay prompt carefully and address what is being asked. Through these institutions and organizations, the AAMC leads and serves America’s medical schools and teaching hospitals and their more than 179,000 full-time faculty members, 92,000 medical students, 140,000 resident physicians, and 60,000 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the biomedical sciences. (A small minority of schools review your primaries to make a … The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to transforming health through medical education, health care, medical research, and community collaborations. “Because each school develops the content, [a secondary application] is an opportunity to see what that school values,” said Mark Henderson, MD, associate dean for admissions and outreach at UC Davis, one of the 37 medical schools in the AMA Accelerating Change in Medical Education consortium. AAMC for Students, Applicants, and Residents. Review official AMCAS Early Decision Guidelines before applying to the EDP.EDP applications must be submitted to AMCAS no later than 11:59 pm EST on August 1. Seven of the participating medical schools require a secondary. Your primary application provides medical schools with enough information to make an initial screening of applicants. Also use essay word and character limits as a general guide for how much detail the medical school wants you to offer. * Logging in o Please visit Merlin and read the information posted on Logging in and M.D. Applying to osteopathic medical school is a lengthy process that takes almost a full year. It seems like a hassle, but while you are applying, we recommend getting in the habit of checking your spam folder periodically. Both applications must be done sequentially, meaning you must file the primary before filing the secondary. Write about your most important clinical/research/volunteer activity/leadership role. This is the meat of our discussion here. Medical schools will not comprehensively review your application until you submit your secondary. I go to a DO school and we have a fair amount of students who had 3.5+ and 33+ (old MCAT). Judge When to Update a Medical School Application An improved MCAT score is an appropriate reason to contact an admissions dean. Historically, schools reuse their prompts. We suggest sending in all secondary applications by late August/early September even though official medical school deadlines vary (most are November 15th – December 15th). After your primary medical school application (AMCAS, TMDSAS or AACOMAS) is received by medical schools, the vast majority will automatically send a secondary application. How To: Master the Med School Secondary Essay. The medical school secondary application is not free and the price can range from a low of $45 to as much as $200. After this primary application is submitted, medical schools will send secondary applications to be filled out and submitted by a deadline. Submitting a secondary before being invited is poor application etiquette, and such a practice is frowned upon by medical schools. Here are the major problems people have: Way too many of them! Similarly, meaningful experiences are meaningful for many reasons. Advisor Corner: Crafting Your Personal Statement, AAMC Video Interview Tool for Admissions (AAMC VITA™), Managing Your Finances During Medical School, Choosing a Specialty with Careers in Medicine®, Researching Residency Programs and Building an Application Strategy, ERAS Tools and Worksheets for Residency Applicants, ERAS Tools and Worksheets for Fellowship Applicants, Training Opportunities for Residents and Fellows. This “update letter” can serve several purposes and is an important vehicle for keeping the medical schools informed as the application year unfolds. 98 You do not want to be that person. By Kathleen Franco, M.D.
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