After the conversation, there is a Curaga Draw Point in front of the dresser. The main plot-line of "FINAL FANTASY VIII" will take you to every continent but it holds only a fraction of what the game has to offer. Before Disc 4,as you can't enter towns after this, hop on board Ragnarok or Balamb Garden and head north to Trabia. Head to Obel Lake. Queen of Cards Side Quest - FF8 Guide. Final Fantasy 8 has a lot of content and quests hidden off the beaten path, as is usual for most Final Fantasy titles. 4. You can use this trick to battle as many Elnoyles as you would like in order to obtain Energy Crystals. 7: Prepare for another boss battle. Note that quests in this section are organized based upon when they are first encountered (excpet storyline mini-games, which are listed last) to help you avoid spoilers. Luck J- Scroll. Queen of Cards Quest Final Fantasy VIII. She is found on the escape pod's crash site, which isn't visible on the map, but the party can enter it by stepping on the right spot. Side Quest Details. 1 -- pass near the Chocobo Forest, around the right side of the screen. The Deep Sea Research Center How to get the GFs Bahamut and Eden. The advantage of doing early is that you don't mess up the card rules if you go challenging people on the way till you are able to finish the quest. You can get rare items and even Guardian Forces when you do the following side quests. Go to the Treno Auction and bid on this item. This becomes available in Disc 2 after Fisherman's Horizon. This section explains the various sidequests and mini-games FFVIII has to offer. In order for this guy to play the Kiros Card you'll need to have completed enough of the Queen of Cards Side Quest to make this card available. The Centra ruins How to get The GFs Odin and Tonberry. That means losing the MiniMog Card to the Queen and making sure she moves to Dollet after you do. ¤ Vase Quest ¤ Find all vase pieces in Winhill for a reward. This is the Side Quest Walkthrough for UFO and Pupu in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). FINAL FANTASY VIII. Another note is, THIS CANNOT BE DONE ON DISC 4. Of course you can't go any further longer until disc 2 (then you can finish it as soon as you get control of the garden). Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Disc 2 - Walkthrough . Later on you'll have to do a lot of Lunatic Pandora- crap, and earlier you might not have enough rare cards. Below are all the Side Quests & Extras from Final Fantasy VIII. You'll be in control of Laguna talking with Ellone. On your way out of town, stop by the Dollet Hotel and spend the night. Final Fantasy VIII (FFVIII) Related Links Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section. On this page, you can see all of the details about the Obel Lake Quest in Timber. To start challenging the CC Group, you must first build up your reputation in Balamb Garden as a card player. #3. cefcasans. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium . Unlike all of the other Rare Cards, you can't win the Kiros Card from any of the Card Club Group onboard the Ragnarok during Disc 4. That's why TODAY, the time we have now is important. Lionheart (Squall) Shooting Star (Rinoa) 35:13 . Witch Adel and Time compression Final Stage: Ultemecia's castle; Things to do on Disc 4. There are three Shumi guarding a Draw Point. You’ll be able to start it after your SeeD exam, during your visit to Balamb City en route to Timber. Actually you CAN start doing the CC quest at disc one. For Final Fantasy VIII on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Question about CC group in disc 4". A Chicobo will burst out of it and drop a piece of the vase. An old man near the Library's Inn asks you to look out for an item called the Magical Fingertip. Now, you should do this quest at the end of Disc 2 or on Disc 3, because then is the best time to do it. Minde Isle is found by flying to Edea's Orphanage and flying East. There is a chance that you've already started this side-quest, but as this is the first mention of it in this guide, it'll be explained in full. UFO Quest Chocobo World. On Disc 4 if you completed the Card Club Side Quest you'll be able to play members of the CC Group on Lunar Base and win this card as well as many other Rare Cards from them. Oh God, a city of that plotting bastard NORG's species. Examine the suit of armor on the left side of the main floor and walk away. Final Fantasy 9 Walkthrough Part 79 - Disc 4 Side Quests (Invincible Edition) - Duration: 35:13.!/jkOsiris143 All the remaining side quests completed on disc 4 (Besides Ozma), including the Fat Chocobo beach restore sidequest! This quest must be completed prior to the end of Disc 3 for you to take advantage of it during Disc 4. Coffee Quest:Give the guy at the Watchtower in Dali the 3 coffee beans he wants and he'll give the Prima Vista figurine. The first vase piece is in the flowers inside the house with all the flowers in it and the old lady. 8: Boss Battle Seifer (4th time) 9: Transition to Disc 4: 10: Head out of the room and use the stairs that appeared on the right side … Step 1: Finding the Shadow. Final Fantasy VIII. The main side quests can be accomplished in this game are almost all on disc three. Return to Daguerreo on Disc 4. Another note is, THIS CANNOT BE DONE ON DISC 4. The Queen of Cards questline is easily the most complicated quest in the game, running through most of the game’s duration. CC subquest Beat all members of the CC- club in Balamb Garden to get rare cards in the game. Card Queen Quest Follow the Card Queen to get rare character- and GF cards. 6: Boss Battle Mobile Type 8. 5.1 Doomtrain's Items; 5.2 Obtaining Bahamut; 5.3 Finding Eden; Irvine and the Galbadian Soldier . Optional Quests. ¤ Shumi Tribe ¤ Find all stones in Shumi Village for a reward ¤ Alien PuPu ¤ Talk to the guy standing on the stairs in the mansion to start the quest. The Queen of Cards side quest begins in Balamb Town during Disc 1 and is a reoccuring side quest that you can participate in at different parts throughout the entire game. Head to Obel Lake. Land near it and enter. You may have to pay somewhere around 85,000 Gil in the bidding war, so make sure it's worth it to you. Energy Crystals are used to refine Ultima magic, to create the most powerful ammo for Irvine and to create some of the most powerful weapons in the game, including:. To do so you may have to win about 15 games around Garden. In endgame the Queen has taken up permanent residence on the Estharian continent, just outside the southern border of the city barrier. Contents. First let us look at a table with this side quest's details. •Side quests •Thanks •Triple Triad •Walkthrough •Weapons: Disc 4 Go to Walkthrough Index Go to Disc 1 Go to Disc 2 Go to Disc 3 Go to Disc 4. There are 4 vase pieces in Winhill, and it is up to you to find them. Sidequests/Mini-Games. I recommend to finish the CC- subquest before doing this. Pick up the Vase Piece and give it to the man. You can get a very powerful sword for Steiner by completing a short side quest. One last time, a very short, spoiler- free to-do list without extras or added stuff; only things you need to do to move on with life on disc 4. There are certain side quests you can do on Disc 4, but why you would want to wait till disc 4 to do them? There is a village nestled in the mountains, only accessible with Raganarok. So, in order to save you the time, I decided to write a FAQ specially devoted to the side quests in the game. Game Final Fantasy VIII; … Alternatively, you can look for the Card Queen on Disc 4. The CC Group members must be challenged from the lowest ranking up … There is a chance that you've already started this side-quest, but as this is the first mention of it in this guide, it'll be explained in full. Esthar: Fixed Encounters against Elnoyle Side Quests. Drop off to the island near Kashkabald Desert and near the southern part of Esthar. Step 1: Finding the Shadow. Obel Lake. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Disc 4 - Walkthrough Head down, on the next screen climb the ladder and go up the arm to the next level, and exit to the right. - … These side quests can be done on disc 3, some also on disc 4. Final Fantasy 9 Walkthrough Part 80 - Mognet Central! Side Quests Click on the links for a small walkthrough. Centra Ruins (Odin) GF Side Quest (Recommended you wait until Disc 4) Winhill Vase Quest. 4: Boss Battle - Raijin and Fujin (3rd time) 5: Head forward and take Elevator 1, then follow the path from there. Aside from this side quest, the Queen of Cards plays another extremely important role in this game with manipulating a region's Trade Rules. 10 Awesome Side Quests Hidden In Final Fantasy 8 Remastered. But they're much friendlier and the village has two important fixtures. At that point, she will have all of the quest cards with her, and should save you the trouble of having to chase her everywhere. FF8 Queen of Cards Disc 4 Location. You should be able to beat all the side quests by the time you get the Ragnorok(which is basically the end of the game anyway). 1 Irvine and the Galbadian Soldier; 2 UFO Sidequest; 3 Winhill Vase Pieces; 4 Timber Magazines; 5 GF Sidequests. Hell if I freaking know. But at this point, you should have enough free time and a few rare cards at hand. The boy is actually the Card Queen's kid, Play cards with him during the Card Queen side quest. Also in Final Fantasy VIII there are many side quests. Located around the west side of Trabia Garden and examine the edge of the peninsula to see a writing saying TRETIMEASUREATMINOFFDEISLE. OSIRIS 16,003 views. Quote by: Rinoa .